Apr 05

Boom Beach for Android was a lot of hype

Surely you’ve heard of the game Boom Beach for android is now being very warm world news mobile games. According to the information that has been spread in cyberspace is one of the Finnish game developers who successfully released Boom Beach. Having managed to earn millions of dollars thanks to today’s most popular is the Clash of Clans, the developer is back designing Boom Beach which is a game that can be used for applying gadget iOS and Android.


In terms of the game itself that Boom Beach is one strategy game that tells you to remove all your imagination to the world wars. So for you who has dreams of becoming a soldier but was not conveyed their future goals, then you can download Boom Beach to vent your inspiration to world stamps. Viewed in terms of appearance and playing Boom Beach has a style of play that is broader than the Clash of Clans. In the game you coud Boom Beach challenging other gamers to build defenses of an enemy attack. Just like the game COC, the level of play in this game will be increased by groups of enemies and loot the resources that exist in our enemy attack. And you will also be invited to tour to the island uninhabited island to find the treasure and root out and crush the rebels and take their property.

Gaming Boom Beach densest iOS and Android pads you can play for free and you can also connect with other players. If you like the game before COC, you may now be looking for and get the latest game called Boom Beach. Since the game’s release by Supercell has gameplay almost equal to Clah of Clans for the players can be downloaded in the Play store and app store.

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Mar 25

Clash of Clans Update February 2015

The Clasher may have to wait a long time for the latest updates from the most popular games today is the Clash of Clans in February. And a lot of confusing news about updates Clash of Clans is emerging. And a lot of people who have been predicting the latest features that will be present but to date of Supercell parties have not issued an official statement about the latest features that will be available this month.


In last December there is the issue of the spread that Townhall level 11 will be the latest update for release in early 2015’s. Actually many outstanding views of the Town Hall Level 11 on the internet. Yet if we look there are still many players who do not have a COC Townhall Level 10. The cost of upgrading wall and expensive equipment is also an obstacle for players to improve their TH quickly. And in fact this feature is not present until now.

After level 11 issue of Townhall maze present again the issue of the features in the update Clash of Clans in February 2015. In one of the users in a foreign forum by Supercell in his profile he wrote Supercell staff and then he revealed some of the features that will be present at the latest updates.

From the picture above he explains that the update Clash of Clans later in February will have many new features and improvements of the system. There Cannon level 13, Mortar level 9 and Dragon level 5 and not only that, he also explained the improvement of the system in the latest update. As a bonus loot each league will be added again, HP Air defense a big plus and the price level wall 8 cheaper.

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Mar 13

Overkill 3 Review – Overkill With New Perspectives The Fair Fun

Overkill is a series of mobile games who can we say less favored in the realm of action shooter genre. Apart from the two previous series that has brought the genre on-rails shooter, and this time the developers Craneballs experimenting with a new look for a refreshing impression Overkill is so less competitive compared with other action games. So if this is a sweet fruit or will actually make the end of the series Overkill itself? Let we will consider here.


Broadly speaking Overkill 3 is a game that is almost the same as the previous series, here you will be given a map of the world that will accommodate a wide variety of levels with the same objective which is to kill the enemy as much. In each mission you will face will give you money for upgrading weapons and equipment that you have

Craneballs been juggling on-rail shooter style game into third person shooter game with a very large increase in graphics. In order for action shooting is not boring then Overkill 3 provides a fairly varied enemy in terms of AI, although they will not be far from their nature as a mere target shooting.

Here you will find various types of premises army weapons, drones, robots and more. With their presence was going to be a very serious threat if the developer does not fix it because frankly the enemies in each series Okerkill always ambitious to encircle yourselves on every side. So you should immediately rush to shoot  before you head shot. For the implementation of a third person shooter gameplay that scheme 3 Overkill game itself is still the same as it used to. In this game you will undergo on-rail shooter missions are very rigid and linear, so you need to throw the impression of a third person shooter game that makes you move freely.